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Donald worked in the legendary 'Bruce's Records' in the early 1970s, before going on to spend many years teaching in Scotland. When he managed to escape from that career his in music was rekindled when he was persuaded to volunteer for Generate Radio in The Scottish Borders.

Generate was twice nominated for 'Scottish New Music Awards', 'Radio Station of the Year' and Donald once for their 'Media Person of the Year'.  Since then, Donald has continued to seek out and support unsigned acts by including their music in his shows and penning reviews of gigs and albums.
When not 'attached' to his laptop he can be found out and about appreciating and photographing the stunning landscapes of the Borderlands 'between' England and Scotland. From the south-east edge of Scotland where the River Tweed makes its way into the North Sea, Donald brings you 'Views From The Edge'.  Playlists are extremely varied and focus on unsigned and indie artists from around the world with absolutely no genre restrictions.  Music is interspersed with his 'views' about a wide range of topics - very often about social justice issues.
One thing is for sure-expect the unexpected.

Join Donald every Tuesday noon - 2pm for "Lunchtime Review (Re-boot)" and Wednesday 10pm-midnight for "Views From The Edge".

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