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John Cavanagh's Soundwave first aired in 2004 and has been heard on TD1 since 2015.

This long-running show covers an extraordinary range of music and is brought to you by someone with a similarly broad experience in radio.

John Cavanagh's work is now mainly as a professional voice over artist whose life in radio has led him to be one of the few people to have broadcast for all five BBC UK radio networks, including presenting heavy rock music on Radio One to opera on Radio Three, along with BBC Radio Scotland, World Service/BBC International and much more.

John's book on the early work of Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd is now published in three languages and soon to appear in a Chinese translation, he makes music under the name Phosphene, is a record producer whose work ranges from the recent albums by Rab Noakes to an improvising feedback trio, and his voiceover work includes acting as English language announcer at the Sochi Winter Olympics/Paralympics to an estimated tv audience of 3 billion viewers, voicing all the video introductions at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games and being the voice of BBC Scotland's classified football results for 14 seasons (Wolverhampton Wanderers 2, Coventry City nil!).

The Soundwave centres on no particular genre or era, covering everything from new/unreleased music through classic back catalogue to a weekly delve into Cavanagh's mechanical music collection with the Soundwave 78.

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